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Omar Figueroa Teaches Artfully Executed Cannabis Service Exclusively for Ganjier


A widely respected cannabis legal expert and defense attorney, Omar Figueroa is a Stanford Law graduate with over two decades of experience in the field. Author of Cannabis Codes of California – the first comprehensive book on the state’s cannabis laws – Omar appears frequently in the media and at conferences as a cannabis industry advocate. 

Omar also counsels companies on cannabis law and best practices, and he holds the distinction of being a Founding Lifetime Member of the National Cannabis Bar Association.

Omar Figueroa Teaches Artfully Executed Cannabis Service

In his course section, Omar Figueroa teaches the concept of “Active Listening.” Having the skills to understand what a client is looking for is the first step toward successfully pointing them to an appropriate cannabis product. Not all clients are going to be experts in cannabis, that is why they are coming to you! Learn the skills that will help you help them. 

Lastly, Omar discusses the legal lines that you need to consider when helping clients. There is a difference between medical advice and guidance around products – the biggest difference being that the former is illegal (if you are not a doctor), and the latter is just good customer service. This course will help you understand what it means to stay on the right side of that line.

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A Conversation with Omar Figueroa

Why did you join the Ganjier Council? Why do you think the Ganjier is important?

The Ganjier Council is a once in a lifetime opportunity to define the standards for excellence in cannabis. The Ganjier is critical in creating a shared vocabulary, methodology, and standards for assessing the quality of cannabis. 

In regards to what you specifically covered in the Ganjier curriculum, why do you think this knowledge is important for the Ganjier and the health of the cannabis industry?

I specifically covered active listening – a skill taught to trial lawyers. Knowing how to actively listen is key for the Ganjier, who is paid to provide a bespoke service.

Why do you feel it’s important for people to understand how to assess the true quality of cannabis flower and concentrates? What benefits does this provide to the industry?

In the alcohol world, it is understood that potency is not equivalent to quality; otherwise, grain alcohol would be superior to fine wine. As cannabis consumers become more sophisticated, we will see an increased demand for a more sophisticated way to assess the quality of cannabis flower and concentrates. 

To you, what are some of the most important nuances and elements of truly high-quality cannabis?

Truly high-quality cannabis is an expression of the place where it is cultivated.  In order to understand the world’s finest cannabis, one must understand terpenes and terroir.

Why do you think it’s important to establish a common standardized language in the cannabis industry? Any specific examples that stand out to you most?

Professionals who are fluent in a common standardized language have the specialist’s advantage. A shared vocabulary helps practitioners communicate vast quantities of information very efficiently.

How do you think The Systematic Assessment Tool (SAP) will have an impact on the cannabis industry? Are there any parts of The SAP you find most valuable or beneficial?

The SAP yields so many insights that it will fundamentally change how quality is assessed in the cannabis industry.

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